Consulting Services

Consulting Services Tailored to Your Growing Needs

Our qualified PMP consultants assist you in streamlining product development processes and optimising project lifecycles. We work with you from concept to completion, often scheduling follow-up meetings to adjust project scale according to market demands.

Expanding Core Business Competencies

Whether you’re a startup or an established firm, our consultants are here to guide you. Leverage their industry insights and knowledge to set up Project Management Offices (PMOs) and expand your business portfolio.

We advise you on diverse aspects of project management through process-mapping techniques and deployment. Under our guidance, you can learn practical ways to:

  • Create well-defined and smart project management objectives
  • Develop a cost-management plan to ensure you meet budget goals
  • Streamline product development and deployment to minimize loss of energy and resources
  • Boost team productivity by optimising organisational operations
  • Identify the best strategy for product launch.
  • Perform quality analysis, feasibility analysis, Monte Carlo simulations etc.

 Our functional expertise allows you to achieve desired business goals and counter emerging challenges.

What to Expect

Here’s a glimpse of our project management consulting service:

Strategic Planning

Our consultants help entrepreneurs and enterprises formulate a functional and proactive long-term business plan. These strategies focus on personal and project development by being by your side from start to finish..

Project Design & Deployment

Many businesses experience hurdles during the project deployment phase because of poor planning. Work with certified project management consultants with a razor-sharp focus to visually plan projects, improve road mapping and set tighter timelines. The steps will promote clarity to eliminate barriers and exceed initial objectives.

Mentoring & Advisory

Top-performing companies continuously update their enterprise software and upgrade their project management skills. We bring the best of both worlds by offering personalised mentorship and training programmes. You also have a separate service that focuses on technology and digital transformation.

Temporary Certified PMPs for Hire

Are you experiencing a team shortage? Or maybe need more experienced project management professionals? Either way, we can temporarily appoint qualified PMPs who will work alongside your team through contract staffing solutions.

In short, our project management consultants help you at every stage. We ensure that our strategies and advice align with your individual goals.

An Unbeatable Formula for Success

PPMS Intl Ltd does things differently by skipping generalised advice and adopting a client-centric approach. Everything we do combines industry practices with customizable strategies. It ensures you can incorporate these solutions into your business plan without setbacks.

Here are the three Ps of our successful project management consultancy service:

Personalised Approach

Customisable and configurable solutions allow you to adjust your plans according to the change requirements. You’re less likely to waste resources and money on futile tasks.

Product Expertise

We share our product knowledge and expertise to help you boost your growth. Understanding how your product affects end-users can allow you to connect and can prove beneficial.

You can ensure that you interact with them meaningfully at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

Proactive Advice & Preventative Options

Our project consultants help you identify emerging challenges and create counter strategies to mitigate risks. The advice we share goes beyond theory and has real-world implications with practical demonstrations.

That way, you won’t experience any difficulty during the implementation process.

Are you ready to reach new heights?

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